All of our products are individually customized according to the client’s requirements. We use top metal and plastic processing technologies as well as high-quality material provided by certified providers with a long tradition on the market for the manufacturing. Our facilities include screen printing, vacuum molding, laser cutting, milling, manufacture of towed neon and others.

  • We offer serial production as well as a single piece production
  • Custmized and specefic products tailored to the needs

Increase your sale through our products – everything for success.

Product sets

Product sets as specifically designed products mostly for stores or retail chains. They make a unified communication tool and help to identify the client.

A typical example of a complete product set is a completly equipped brand store from its main enterance to the interior decor.

The exterior could be either illuminated or non-illuminated advertisment sign, advertising fascia, sculpture, logo, stand stickers, menubox, menuboard, panel dividers, awnings etc.

The interior could be a display with brand promotion either illuminated or non-illuminated advertisment sign, as well as other accessories (racks, stands, menuboards, menustands, tables, chairs, frames for advertising visuals, ashtrays, coin trays, etc.).

Traditional as well as modern materials are used for products in such a way that the professional designers in coorporation with experts are able to create a collection to promote sales that not only meet the aesthetic requirements but also the functional requirements of the client.


The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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ROSS, s.r.o.
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