Our company focuses on the selection of the world’s finest technology in the manufacturing processes of the production of light and lightless advertisement.

In all products we use traditional as well as modern material provided by suppliers with a long tradition on the market which not only meets the client’s aesthetic requirement but it is also fully functioning and practical.

Thanks to the technological and manufacturing park it is possible for our society to allow  the processing and production of desired complex advertising products. The quality increases unlike the expanses.

Technological processes in charge of our experts are effective and they represent a higher competition in the field of avertisement production.

Plastic Processing

We use a variety of materials in our production:

  • Acrylic used in interior and exterior illuminated signs can be bent, milled, engraved, vacuum formed and bonded.
  • HPS and ABS materials can be used for the construction for the back side of advertisments for interior and exterior use.
  • PET-G and APEX have a lower mechanical resistance than acrylic, in addition to bonding, all of its mechanical qualities are better than acrylic.
  • PVC foam core, KOMATEX is used in all kinds of non-illuminated applications.
  • Polycarbonate, very sturdy and unbreakable clear material for the construction of shelters and light boxes that are installed in areas of risk of damage by vandalism.
  • ACM (aluminum composite material) sandwich panels – three layer structure with a low-density core. It has a high structural rigidity and low weight. It is avaialable in a variety of colours..

 Machinery equipment:

  • Vacuum presses
  • Vaccum press- working size 2000*1000 mm
  • ITALCOMMA – working size 1500*1000 mm

 Saws for plastics:

  • GRIDGO 3200
  • ROJEK – straight saw

 Plastic bending:

  • SHANNON –top and bottom heating – heating width 4 wires with length 2500 mm

 Milling machinery:

  • GERBER SABRE –working size 1250*2500 mm
  • AXYZ 6010 – working size 2000*3000 mm
  • MULTICAM miller with an automatic tool exchange 2000*3000 mm

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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