Promotion set Vaprio

26.10. 2018

The Vaprio Promotion Set is an original combination of three products: a presentation rack, a product of the day display, and a candy bowl.

Besides design, the fruit flavoured Crazy Vape products are backlit which attracts the customer’s attention to the goods. The lockable light box is designed to expose and draw attention to the product of the day. Handling of the goods is very simple. You can find it at the sales counters in the store. The whole set is completed by an unusual bowl of fruit candies in a checkout zone that points to the sweet fruit fillings. At the same time, it helps to complete an overall content feeling while shopping.

The product set is located in the Czech and Slovak Republic’s stores. The concept of the Promotion Set is characterized by its original design and the encouragement to an impulsive purchase.

Ross Presents Shopping Centers all over Slovakia

19.9. 2018

Ross are involved in another interesting project. The Austrian company STOP SHOP, the retail park brand in Central and Eastern Europe, have chosen us as an exclusive supplier of new brand names for branches in Slovakia.

This exceptional realization is not only in the large dimensions of the sign and illuminated area, but also in the transportation logistics and the complexity of the rebranding in the short time given. This can only be achieved with full technological equipment and a flexible planning and production capacity. The complexity of this project did not deter us. We have to carefully plan work with oversized ads in front of shopping centers that we place at height on pylons in public places. The installation of both illuminated and non-illuminated commercials which are carried out at heights therefore increases the mounting intensity and requires a different lifting technique. It is necessary to always optimized according to the given conditions during such an operation.


Customer-oriented shopping centers offer a variety of services, such as green playgrounds, children’s centers, restaurants and much more. That’s why we produce signage for STOP SHOP that are well visible and understandable.

Stylish Carnilove stand

2.8. 2018


How to create an original rack that will present products for dogs and attract the customers attention so much that will lead them to buy? Even complex assignments like this are a welcome challenge for Ross.

By combining natural materials, our company Ross succeeded in achieving the unique design of the Carnilove display. The original version allows the seller a simple categorization of goods, making it easy for customers to make decisions about purchasing their pet products. Advantages of the rack are mainly simple handling and fast replenishment. The stand easily adapts to changing the products offered by replacing labels. At the bottom of the display are holders for information leaflets.

These stands presenting treats for dogs will be placed in pet shops in the Czech Republic and abroad. Once again, Ross proved able to cope with a complex challenge. Do you ever think about promoting your brand? Do not hesitate to contact us:

New branding of Delia stores attracts customers

23.7. 2018

Ross produced signage for the operations of the Delia food retail network in Slovakia. The new, modern concept of stores has been designed to best help the consumer recognize what’s inside the store. We represented their two types of service: Delia Food and Delia Cafe.

Delia foods are labeled with a 3D light in a traditional basket shape. In addition to the food outlets where coffee shops are located, a coffee cup and saucer are shown. The exterior look was refined by this interpretation. Signage for these individual services are simple and clear.

Even thanks to our products, the Delia retail network is attracting more and more customers to their stores. We will produce a unique custom design for your products as well.

Equipment Event at Kellys Bikepark

4.7. 2018

Ross has had the pleasure of marketing Kellys Bikepark in Kálnica Slovakia. At the opening event of the resort, the customer took advantage of the complete event signage, which we designed and everything was made to measure. At the entrance the visitors are welcomed with 3D lettering and Kellys Bikepark logos. The entrance gate we designed the support material which met all the required criteria.

By providing a comprehensive service, we assisted the customer in realizing how to create a trade on event. These services we offer to all our clients has contributed to the smooth running of the largest bicycle festival in Slovakia.


15.6. 2018

Ross participated in the public display and baptism of the exclusive natural mineral water brand SPA AQUA APHRODITE.

We have provided the customer with a comprehensive solution from the interior designation of the operation through customized outdoor advertising and 3D fonts. At the same time, we have designed and produced a unique shelf that will present mineral water in SPA AQUA APHRODITE and other sales areas. The added value of the rack perceives the customer’s premium design and flexibility (allowing the rack to be easily disassembled and moved).

A wide portfolio of our services has provided high customer comfort – graphic design, prototype, production and assembly, from one company without complicated handling.

Fast and effective communication ensures a smooth running of your branding and also to your business.

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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