Equipment Event at Kellys Bikepark

4.7. 2018

Ross has had the pleasure of marketing Kellys Bikepark in Kálnica Slovakia. At the opening event of the resort, the customer took advantage of the complete event signage, which we designed and everything was made to measure. At the entrance the visitors are welcomed with 3D lettering and Kellys Bikepark logos. The entrance gate we designed the support material which met all the required criteria.

By providing a comprehensive service, we assisted the customer in realizing how to create a trade on event. These services we offer to all our clients has contributed to the smooth running of the largest bicycle festival in Slovakia.


15.6. 2018

Ross participated in the public display and baptism of the exclusive natural mineral water brand SPA AQUA APHRODITE.

We have provided the customer with a comprehensive solution from the interior designation of the operation through customized outdoor advertising and 3D fonts. At the same time, we have designed and produced a unique shelf that will present mineral water in SPA AQUA APHRODITE and other sales areas. The added value of the rack perceives the customer’s premium design and flexibility (allowing the rack to be easily disassembled and moved).

A wide portfolio of our services has provided high customer comfort – graphic design, prototype, production and assembly, from one company without complicated handling.

Fast and effective communication ensures a smooth running of your branding and also to your business.

ROSS Received Prestigious Award “Dúhový paprsek 2018“

7.6. 2018

Ross received the prestigious award for ADVERTISING AND POLYGRAF 2018 for the practical solution and promotion of a premium product with AUDI EYE CATCHER. The practicality of the solution will be appreciated by promoters for whom installation of the whole device is neither time consuming nor physically demanding. The manufacturer thought of all the details to facilitate the handling of the parts and of the whole device. The flexible platform allows the developer to optimize logistical costs associated with presentations at different locations.

Dúhový paprsek  is the competition for the best signmaking realization for 2017. Not only was the attractiveness considered but the impact on the consumer and also the way of designing and working with the materials. The best-known experts in the field of advertising and marketing communication were involved in this evaluation.

(Slovenčina) GLOBAL AWARDS 2018 (POPAI – Shop!)

19.4. 2018

Ross took part in the Global Awards 2018, with the Audi Eye Catcher presentation. The competition is organized by a global association and could only be attended by winners of the national POPAI competitions. The winners announcement took place at the GlobalShop trade fair held this year in Chicago at the headquarters of the IIDA.

GlobalShop is the world’s largest retail exhibition of POP design and POP products. The most prestigious companies from all over the world setting new trends. Even this year there have been presented new designs that will affect the next period.

Modernization of the workshop

11.4. 2018

Ross are constantly striving to move forward with new technologies. In production, we pay close attention to the quality of the products we produce and also to the working conditions of our employees.

As part of the modernization of our company premises, the welding department was completely redesigned. The large hall was divided into separate welding boxes with individual extraction hoods. The filtering module captures the dirty air, cleans it, then returns the filtered air back into the room.

Thanks to this comprehensive reconstruction, our employees now have a better work performance in this pleasant working environment. We do our best to produce the best quality products for our customers satisfaction.

Original display stands for Zlatý Bažant

8.3. 2018

Did you even notice the new Zlatý Bažant stands in the shops? These are original, retro displays made exactly according to our customer’s requirements.

Applying two white and gold colours with a gradual, unobstructed transition between them creates the necessary retro tones.

The stand is designed to present the Zlatý Bažant ’73 beer in a can. Presents an outstanding student inspired by the oldest preserved brew of golden beer from 1973.

This display with cans from the ’73 edition will be located in more than 500 points of sale all over Slovakia.

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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