15.8. 2023

We present a suitable and effective solution for placing vending machines outdoors. The kiosk that we prepared in Ross according to the specific requirements of the customer. All this with regard to the number of sales devices – machines, their size, operating conditions and the total number of deployments on the market as part of building the network.


Technical design

In addition to technically necessary components such as electricity and water distribution for equipment connections, shell insulation, heating and thermoregulation, the marketing function is dominant for the kiosk. The kiosk is an unmissable carrier of the Pierre Baguette brand. Corporate colors are used, a large-format logo on the side wall, a smaller one on the roof. At the same time, it also serves to present current news and brand campaigns. The unique design and airiness of the space are ensured thanks to the glazed side walls and roof. Comfort is also ensured by an appropriately chosen structure of the stand. The stand is characterized by premium materials and their perfect processing. The stand has barrier-free access, where there is a separate premium floor, table, accessories – cup holders, trash can, disinfection, leaflet holders. The implementation of the transition between the integrated machines and the kiosk is crafted and detailed at a professional level. The position of the machines in the kiosk is strictly defined by ramps, the operator’s access to the machines is also ensured from the back through a lockable door. We did not forget to solve the necessary service for the customer even for the current time – in the front part, we used the space between the machines to place the trays – feeders for separately packed cup lids and hand sanitizer dispenser.


Turnkey solution

Turnkey delivery is a matter of course, including provision of electrical and water connections, concreting of anchor feet and installation of vending machines. For the customer, as part of his business strategy, we have also prepared other versions for the market, which comprehensively take into account other demands in connection with the environment. For example, a kiosk as a complete bus stop with a variable possibility of placing vending machines or the shape adaptation of the entire stop within the given city location. We can offer the customer functional, interesting and complex solutions in design, supported by appropriate service in various areas of sales support.

Revitalization of the gas station II

9.8. 2023

We designed, manufactured and implemented the renovated interior of the gas station for the OIL JPM company.

The operation in Šaštín – Stráže underwent a comprehensive revitalization. We developed several architectural designs for the new facility and its layout with the aim of maximizing the use of the sales area and subsequently implemented a complex remodeling in Holíč. Subsequently, together with the customer, we selected one and finished it according to additional requirements. The design also included the color and graphic design of the walls, an original part of the entire interior is the wallwrap, which completes the overall impression. And exactly according to the model from Holíč, we implemented the equipment at the OIL gas station in Šaštín – Stráže.

We used lighting with different types of lamps depending on the zones of the store. And just like at the previous location, the production and assembly phase of the equipment followed at this OIL pump: furniture for the snack area, tables, chairs, sales counter, shelves for alcohol and tobacco products, sales stands for individual product segments, including a wine store.



Digital printing ensures the required quality of foils, wallwraps and composite materials intended for covering and decorating spaces. A stylish cafe in
connection with the functional space of the store creates a comprehensive concept of a modern operation. We approach each customer individually and offer them comprehensive services in the field of advertising. Without additional organizational activities,
they will receive top quality from us at an effective cost.


3D Light cassette logo for Jump Park

2.8. 2023
Each letter or set of letters is made up of a separate cassette or styrofoam with spotlight or LED backlighting. 3D signs are placed indoors or outdoors    We made a 3D sign for Jump Fun in OC Nivy Bratislava. 3D signs are used to mark operations, shops, but also to highlight the company logo.   The base is made of sheet metal, milled acrylic, bent aluminum profile, LED or neon lighting are used. For Jump Fun, we chose a sales sign with LED lighting   on the front side, but also with backlighting on the back side, where the intensity can be regulated by 25, 50, 75 or 100%. The completely finished look   is complemented by the colorful design of the brand, which is guaranteed to be fun at first glance.      



Ross in gallery

30.6. 2023

In the regional gallery of fine arts in Zlín, there is a balance exhibition of the sculptor, designer and teacher Vladimír Kovařík (*1965), with whom the company Ross had and has the honor of collaborating on various projects.

One of the joint projects – the complex exterior visibility of the Zubr facilities – is also presented at this exhibition, which, despite the imaginary boundaries of obar, often shows unexpected examples of their convergence and mutual inspiration, in which there is not even an element of play or exaggeration.

Lamp in the shape of the company logo

19.6. 2023

A lamp in the shape of your logo? There are no limits to creativity. Set your business apart from the average. Attract the customer directly and enchant them, for example, with a designer lamp. Attracting customers has never been easier!!!

Contact us and we will design and produce an original product to support your business.


Pancake house in the middle of shopping mall

7.9. 2020

You can find simple, modern but mainly functional sales stand from Ross in the Optima shopping center in Košice. If you stop for delicious pancakes you may notice the result of our teamwork. The design proposal and production took place under our direction with regard to the client’s requirements.

The aim of the execution is to offer customers the experience of preparing pancakes, to ensure a comfortable space for production and at the same time enough storage space. In addition to the sink, the stand also has a built-in dishwasher.

The sides of the sales shop are made of white DTD board, which is printed with high-quality digital printing. The back is decorated with a logo on white acrylic. The sales counter, which is also a worktop, gives a uniform look to the entire pancake shop. The assembly took place at night, so that the implementation hasn´t disturb the operation of the department store.
We design and manufacture each point of sale so that it´s functional and at the same time able to attract customers.

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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