24.9. 2019

At Ross, we can provide, deliver and manage a turnkey DIGITAL SIGNAGE network for our customers. Professional displays and advertising screens are offered to the customer with a full service from the production of the presenter, display kiosk, on-site assembly to the launch of the campaign and online control and content management.

Depending on the place of operation and other requirements, we will propose an optimal technical parameter – size, design of the sheathing, brightness, durability, built-in Wi-Fi and others. In the new network for remote control of imaging units, if necessary, we can also include existing devices (e.g. a separate TV without the original remote control).

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Meeting room – Julius Meinl

4.9. 2019

Are you thinking of modernizing your business premises? Do you want to have an original meeting room? We will be happy to help you. In addition to the design and production of plant and building signs – illuminated signs, signboards, totem poles, navigation boards, various event facilities – bar counters, presentation tables, panels, mobile sales units and furniture furnishing, Ross worked on this conference room in this case. We have completely designed, manufactured and implemented the design of the meeting room for Julius Meinl. A wooden frame with integrated spotlights is placed around the perimeter of one wall. Three interchangeable images are lowered from the frame. On the second wall is a shelf set, which is anchored to the ceiling of the room. The original part of meeting room is also a black wall wrap on which the foil is applied with descriptive chalk. The stylish work environment is complemented by the Julius Meinl logo from a glossy red perspective. The conference room was given by our complex realization airiness, necessary expected space, modern look, functional and design elements. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services and products with turnkey implementation without additional organizational worries on their part, in a quality design and in efficient cost.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to prepare a custom made solution for your meeting room:

Presentation display Hurban Legend

21.8. 2019

Do you want to present a new product and you are thinking which retail rack would be the most suitable?

During the process of production of the display, which serves as a presentation of premium beer, we decided in Ross to give priority to the wooden design over the cardboard solution. Wood is more durable, making the stand more exclusive while still being affordable. The three level display is made up of three displaced cubes, creating an eye-catching design that engages the customer.

Motifs that add a historical touch are done by high-quality digital printing. We have custom-made the personalized solution to support the new product as well as being practical and original. Can you also see a stand from our workshop in your shop? The stands are located in shops all over Slovakia.


Change your store location beyond recognition

1.8. 2019

Is your store too drab? Change it to be unrecognizable, for example, using a 3D wallpaper or a custom foils.
Our company Ross has participated in the design of a showroom – car shop in Žilina. We applied 3D wallpapers to the presentation room. Glass walls and doors were covered with sand foil and the transfer room was covered with wallpaper with a city theme. A black cut foil was used for the exterior of the plant. The lining on the inside was covered with a special transparent thermo-insulating foil, which does not let the heat through.

If you are thinking about upgrading your operation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our company will provide you with a professional installation guarantee.

Custom-made outdoor sales stand

1.7. 2019

At Ross s.r.o. we are not only interested in specific customer requirements, but at the same time we adapt the implementation to the maximum space in which they will be located, to operate. A typical example is the new summer refreshment stall at the petrol station, which fits perfectly into the context. We have not only created a new sales point, but have also significantly innovated the overall look of the petrol station and brought another modern sales feature to the entire space. The material used is highly durable – designed for exterior use. The frame is made of fiberglass, the desk is made of artificial Corian stone. The roof of the kiosk is made of aluminum sheet.

At the Ross, we can truly handle all individual customer requirements – creatively, functionally, technically with the use of quality materials.

Portable light presentation wall

14.5. 2019

Do you often present products with a strong emphasis on brand, brand at various events, conferences and exhibitions? The Mobile light presentation wall – backlit folding screen, from Ross will certainly help you!
The screen serves as a presentation for BOMBAY, which presents premium alcohol at sales events. The use of the screen can be modified to present different types of goods.

The wall is easy to fold, allowing a sophisticated system of folding shelves – after closing it creates a box that safely protects the internal elements of the mobile presenter. The entire screen is easily placed in a carrying bag. The design is made of light but durable materials – aluminum, plastic, wood, complemented by a backlight system to emphasize either brands or premium products.

A folding screen is an example of how a product can be presented with both simplicity and efficiency. We will also design a compact solution for you to support the sale of goods or services.

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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