Our company focuses on the selection of the world’s finest technology in the manufacturing processes of the production of light and lightless advertisement.

In all products we use traditional as well as modern material provided by suppliers with a long tradition on the market which not only meets the client’s aesthetic requirement but it is also fully functioning and practical.

Thanks to the technological and manufacturing park it is possible for our society to allow  the processing and production of desired complex advertising products. The quality increases unlike the expanses.

Technological processes in charge of our experts are effective and they represent a higher competition in the field of avertisement production.

Automatic Letter Bender ALB-02 COMBO 160

This bender offers two systems for bending this is due to the machine having two interchangeable heads. The roller head can bend perfectly curved profiles such as DFT, TGP, RGP and Super Letters. The patting system precisely bends flat strips made of stainless steel and aluminum. The advantage of this machine is the two cutting systems, one is the Cutter used for cutting aluminum profiles and the Flat Knife used to cut strips of stainless steel.


  • High-grade flat-plate, plain, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and bronze strips, as well as aluminum profiles
  • An innovative combination of two bending systems in one device
  • Innovative use of two cutting systems: aluminum profile cutter and flat stainless steel knife
  • Possibility of bending a new Super Letters profile system with resin cast


The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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