You can find simple, modern but mainly functional sales stand from Ross in the Optima shopping center in Košice. If you stop for delicious pancakes you may notice the result of our teamwork. The design proposal and production took place under our direction with regard to the client’s requirements.

The aim of the execution is to offer customers the experience of preparing pancakes, to ensure a comfortable space for production and at the same time enough storage space. In addition to the sink, the stand also has a built-in dishwasher.

The sides of the sales shop are made of white DTD board, which is printed with high-quality digital printing. The back is decorated with a logo on white acrylic. The sales counter, which is also a worktop, gives a uniform look to the entire pancake shop. The assembly took place at night, so that the implementation hasn´t disturb the operation of the department store.
We design and manufacture each point of sale so that it´s functional and at the same time able to attract customers.