All of our products are individually customized according to the client’s requirements. We use top metal and plastic processing technologies as well as high-quality material provided by certified providers with a long tradition on the market for the manufacturing. Our facilities include screen printing, vacuum molding, laser cutting, milling, manufacture of towed neon and others.

  • We offer serial production as well as a single piece production
  • Custmized and specefic products tailored to the needs

Increase your sale through our products – everything for success.

Car Wrap

Turn your vehicle into a mobile advertisement.
Sticker themes are printed out from digital printers. For ensuring of their long-lasting endurance the foil is laminated by protective foil, occasionally the text is plottered and glued.

A straight box extention is used for stickers.

There are two options for van stickers:
• Plotting stickers – logo and text is sticks to the vehicle using self-adhesive foil

• Digitaly printed foil – ribbing on cars are stuck by using a heat gun and a laser thermometer, which prevents overheating the foil

The philosophy of our coorporation is to offer customers unique products. These products meet the user’s highest requirments and help increase sale to the final user.


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ROSS, s.r.o.
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