We designed, manufactured and implemented the renovated interior of the filling station for the company OIL JPM. The shop located in Holíč has undergone a comprehensive revitalization. We have developed several architectural designs for the new facility and its layout in order to maximize the use of sales space. Subsequently, together with the customer, we selected one and completed it according to additional requirements. The design also included color and graphic design of the walls, the original part of the entire interior is the wallwrap, which completes the overall impression. Matter of course, the lighting design with different types of lamps, which were arranged with respect to the zones of the store. It was followed by the production and assembly phase of the equipment: furniture for the snack zone, tables, chairs, sales counter, shelves for alcohol and tobacco products, sales stands for individual segments of goods, including a wine shop.

Digital printing will ensure the required quality of foils, wallwraps and composite materials designed to cover and decorate spaces. The stylish café in conjunction with the functional space of the store creates a comprehensive concept of modern operation. We approach each customer individually and offer him comprehensive advertising services. Without further organizational activities, they will receive top quality from us at an effective cost.