If you are looking for a flexible stand for your stores and universal solutions limit you in the efficient use of sales space and the overall business strategy, enter your requirements to us. We in Ross s.r.o. will prepare a tailor-made solution for you. EXTEND stand for bicycle accessories is an example.

It´s a practical solution for smaller interiors as well as for larger stores, where it is possible to use the possibility of connecting shelves and create a large sales area with a strong presentation of the brand. Design, color and elements are designed with regard to brand identity and cost-effective procurement. Unlike the classic shelf rack, the adjustable rack offers a more elegant solution. The perforated metal sheet used for the core of the stand allows easy anchoring of the hanging holders – euro hooks, which can be variably placed.

The distribution of goods can be more adapted to the needs of sales. There is also efficient packaging, which allows delivery after the operation by car, of course.