We designed and also produced a sales stand for the Pedro brand. You can find a shop with cheerful and attractive graphics in the Vivo shopping center in Bratislava (formerly Polus). It´s the first brand store in Slovakia.  The design is intended to remind customers of the legendary candies and thus support their sale in the stone shop, as so far it has only been realized through the e-shop. The selling stand will fascinate you not only with the dominant light box located in the central part, high-quality details, digital printing, but also with models of confectionery made of plastic. Thanks to the efficient and practical arrangement of the individual parts, customers can easily choose from a wide selling range. Plastic boxes with ladles specially designed for this project ensure maximum use of the sales space, enable shopping experience and entertainment, and at the same time solve the necessary hygiene and safety of stored goods. In addition, there is also the necessary storage space.

Design and production of shops, selling stands, kiosks, technical solution details and reliable assembly are our work. Ross will solve the necessary for you and you can focus on business.