In addition to the common standard of materials used to produce illuminated and non-illuminated advertisements, Ross offers our customers unique and customized solutions that combine diverse materials into a compact and attractive design unit. 

An example of this is the design and implementation of an original logo for the COFFESHOP COMPANY café network, which our company Ross chose as a partner on the basis of a specific approach and an attractive solution design. The interior logo is specific in that it combines different types of natural materials. The base of the 3D logo is made of wooden boards milled in a circular shape. The center of the logo is made of jute with printed wooden components and a coffee motif. The entire context of the logo is complemented by a digital print with the appearance of weathered wood and KömaTex (Free-foam PVC sheet) letters. 

In addition to the interior logo for the cafes, we produced interior 3D illuminated signs, stickers, external traffic signs, and other complementary assortments providing not only sales support, but also an exceptional atmosphere of the environment, which you can enjoy in shopping malls throughout Slovakia.If you are also thinking about equipment or traffic signs, our Ross team will design a complete interior and help you with applying your style. More info: