Ross are involved in another interesting project. The Austrian company STOP SHOP, the retail park brand in Central and Eastern Europe, have chosen us as an exclusive supplier of new brand names for branches in Slovakia.

This exceptional realization is not only in the large dimensions of the sign and illuminated area, but also in the transportation logistics and the complexity of the rebranding in the short time given. This can only be achieved with full technological equipment and a flexible planning and production capacity. The complexity of this project did not deter us. We have to carefully plan work with oversized ads in front of shopping centers that we place at height on pylons in public places. The installation of both illuminated and non-illuminated commercials which are carried out at heights therefore increases the mounting intensity and requires a different lifting technique. It is necessary to always optimized according to the given conditions during such an operation.


Customer-oriented shopping centers offer a variety of services, such as green playgrounds, children’s centers, restaurants and much more. That’s why we produce signage for STOP SHOP that are well visible and understandable.