Do you want to take part in exhibitions or presentations and encourage your customers with a unique presentation bar designed tailored just for you?

For our customer, we designed and manufactured a portable SpiritPlanet presentation bar, which can be found at various HORECA conferences. It presents a portfolio of premium spirits, wines and coffee. On the front is a stylized font with logo. On the back wall there is a light-coloured logo along with backlit shelves that highlight luxury spirits.

Applying our long-term experience, not only in the field of material processing but in terms of the recognition of the demands for reliable functionality, we have designed the equipment The bar-presenter. In spite of the efficient and minimalist design, it provides the operator with sufficient storage space for ice cans, herbs etc. Everything of course is ergonomically positioned for maximum operator convenience.

The bar is simple to assemble and dismantle for easy transportation to the next site. The main point is customer service coupled with an expressive presentation element which meets all the requirements of the device.